Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges



Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges at a Glance (2013 - 2014)

Enrollment by College Male / Female Ethnicity Enrollment by Award Level % Financial Aid
College Enrollment
BPCC 11,800
BRCC 13,478
CLTCC 7,602
DCC 25,470
DELTA 8,330
FTCC 3,999
NSHORE 6,170
NUNEZ 3,554
NWLTC 4,304
RPCC 4,428
SCLTC 7,612
SLCC 10,067
SOWELA 4,506
Gender Enrollment
Female 61,268
Male 50,052
Ethnicity Enrollment
American Indian or Alaskan Native 939
Asian or Pacific Islander 1,602
Two or more races  1,707
Black, Non-Hispanic 42,465
Hispanic 5,507
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 150
Other 8,613
White, Non-Hispanic



Enrollment by Award Level Enrollment
Associate 57,659
Post Associate


Certificate 6,371
Technical Diploma 16,700
Technical Competency Area 30,148
Financial Aid Status Enrollment
No 14%
Yes 86%

The Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) provides strategic management and support for Louisiana's 13 community and technical colleges. Our colleges award associates degrees, technical diplomas, and industry-based certificates in programs that are aligned with business and industry and local economies, which lead students to good paying middle class jobs.

We are committed to the principle of providing each student access to quality educational programs and lifelong learning. This commitment includes eliminating geographic, financial, and scholastic barriers to postsecondary educational programs.  As the most geographically diverse system of higher education in the state, Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges has locations in rural and urban areas across the state.  Our colleges are as diverse as the communities in which they serve. Students receive a world-class education, at affordable prices, in nurturing and rigorous environments that prepare them for rewarding careers.



One of the fastest growing two-year college systems in the nation, our colleges consistently rank nationally in the top 100 producers of two year certificates, one year certificates, and associate degrees. In 2013/2014:

  • Eight colleges ranked in the top 100 producers of one-year certificates including three in the top 30.
  • Five colleges ranked in the top 100 producers of two-year certificates.
  • One of our colleges ranked thirteenth in the top 50 of associate degree producers in Engineering Technologies & Engineering Related Fields.