Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

Norwood “Woody” Ogé of Avondale

Norwood "Woody" Ogé, of Avondale, is the director of business affairs for Ingalls Shipbuilding-Avondale Operations and is responsible for all functions at the shipyard in support of ship construction and all community, local, state and federal business relations.  Ogé served as chairman of Governor Jindal's workforce transition committee and currently sits on the Department of Education's Tier 1 Committee on High School Redesign and their business and industry roundtable as well as the board of directors of the Delgado Community College Foundation.  Ogé has a Louisiana contractors license in both legal and program management.  He will serve as a representative of the 1st Congressional district, as required by statute. Mr Ogé was appointed on July 10, 2008 and his service end date is July 1, 2014.

To contact Mr. Ogé:
Norwood "Woody" Ogé
P.O. Box 50280
M/S 703-2-1
New Orleans, LA 70150-0280