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Transfer & Articulation

Our colleges offer a variety of transfer options.  Among them are the Louisiana Transfer Degree Guarantee, in-state community college to community college, and out-of-state transfer.  The Transfer Degree Guarantee helps students to easily transfer from a community college to a public four-year university in the state of Louisiana. It provides guidance and saves time and money. The Transfer Degree Guarantee ensures that a community college student can transfer to a Louisiana four-year public university and immediately enroll with Junior-level status in the college or university.

The student must complete 60 hours of prescribed courses, with a minimum grade of “C” in each course and earn either an Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer Degree or an Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree. The 60 hours of required course work includes 39 hours of General Education courses and 21 hours of additional course work specific to the student’s intended degree.

Students who attend an LCTCS college may transfer to another college in our system providing that they have a similar program of study.  Students who attend an out-of-state two-year college may transfer into one of our colleges providing that they have a similar program of study.  Each college has different requirements. Visit the college of your choice to learn more.

Articulation Agreements

The LCTCS has negotiated a number of program-to-program transfer/ articulation agreements on behalf of all of its campuses.  Those program-to-program curricula transfer pages have been electronically linked with the accredited, partnering four-year universities' transfer pages.  Up to ninety hours of undergraduate course work may be transferred through some of these agreements.  

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