Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

WorkReady U

The WorkReady U vision is built on the notion of recasting the expectations of our most important natural resource - our people.  The WorkReady U mission is to prepare our students with the skills necessary to compete for family sustainable employment. The 600,000 working age adults in Louisiana without a high school credential need an opportunity to obtain the skills necessary to achieve a better life. By placing the responsibility for adult education with the LCTCS, creating clear pathways into and through career and technical education programs that lead to life-sustaining jobs, Louisiana has radically changed its adult education delivery model and can now substantially increase the number of people who are part of the middle class.  

As a symbol of the new vision, the Louisiana adult education program has been re-named "WorkReady U." With a renewed set of expectations and a different culture, adult education in Louisiana is no longer just about obtaining your high school equivalency diploma, but acquiring the means to improved life circumstances resulting from gaining the skills that lead to a job providing a sustainable wage. 

The WorkReady U provider network consists of 34 programs that operate more than 200 adult education instructional sites throughout Louisiana by providing the following services:

  • basic skills remediation
  • secondary credential preparation
  • wrap around student services
  • transitional services
  • postsecondary dual enrollment