Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

SOWELA Technical Community College and the Chennault International Airport Authority are partnering to advance higher education and training for students pursuing careers in the Aviation Maintenance Technology field.

Chennault International Airport is a world-class facility that is home to Northrop Grumman, AAR Aircraft Services, Million Aire, Bechtel, and other tenants.

With a 200-foot-wide by 10,700-foot-long runway and 17-inch pavement, Chennault is capable of accommodating aircraft ranging in size from small business jets to wide-body commercial airlines.

SOWELA’s campus is positioned within the confines of the 13 million square foot airport, and the college’s academic programming aligns well with Chennault’s mission and support of the industry.

Chennault representatives are highly engaged in serving as academic programming advisors. The current SOWELA Foundation Board of Directors President also concurrently serves on the Chennault International Airport Board of Commissioners.

To date, Chennault has contributed $50,000 to the SOWELA Foundation to support ACT 360 funding for construction of the Student Success Center. They have also provided multi-year funding to support the Aviation Maintenance Technology program.

We appreciate the support of Chennault International Airport and the role they play in advancing the education and training of our students, many who graduate and become employees of the local aviation industry in Southwest Louisiana.

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