Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

Delgado Community College (Delgado) recently partnered with the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans in the Healthcare Career Workforce Partnership. Children’s Hospital received a $180,000 New Orleans Works (NOW) grant from the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) to offer a training program to encourage advancement in the healthcare sector.

NOW is a program that develops hospital workforce partnerships in the greater New Orleans area. The goal is to enable hospitals and other healthcare facilities to prepare entry level or low-skilled job seekers, and incumbent workers for career pathways, to address critical workforce needs, improve worker retention and satisfaction, and increase patient satisfaction.

Children’s Hospital developed the “Children’s Hospital Advancement and Mobility Program” or “CHAMP” to train candidates interested in a medical assistant certification as well as central office administrative positions within Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital is responsible for driving the project to ensure the process and outcomes are meeting their needs and expectations. Delgado is the training provider for the program and is working closely with Children’s to develop a customized and comprehensive clinical medical assistant workforce training program for career advancement focused on entry level individuals. Children’s Hospital has guaranteed employment to individuals that have successfully completed the CHAMP and clinical medical assistant training program requirements.

The primary purpose of this program is to provide technical skills, soft skills and career guidance for individuals to prepare them for upward mobility and ensure they have required competencies for advanced pathways. The program expands career advancement opportunities within the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans (Children’s Hospital). The intent is to develop a training program, with measurable outcomes, for skilled workers so they have the opportunity to be employed by Children’s Hospital and advance to higher-paying, family sustaining, career pathways.

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