Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges

"Student Success Stories"Brandon Hunt is a recent graduate of South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) where he earned a general business degree.

Before attending SLCC, Hunt worked in the customer service and sales industry at local retail stores.

“I decided that of all the things I was willing to do to make ends meet, retail was not one of them,” said Hunt.  “After about eight stubborn years of avoiding college, I knew I had to go back to school to acquire the quality of life I was looking for.”

Upon graduation, Hunt was offered a position working at a four-year university as an operations coordinator.

“Talk about instant results,” said Hunt. “Not only was I getting more looks from employers after having a degree under my belt, but I was much more confident in interviews because I knew that I was qualified.”

Hunt continued his education after graduating from SLCC and obtained a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from a four-year institution.

“A college degree is much more than a piece of paper,” said Hunt.  “It is a statement of dedication, qualification, and accomplishment.  They are not easy to obtain; and to ensure our success, we should place as much value on them as employers do.”

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