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Darrell Richardson

Student Member

Darell Richardson, a Donaldsonville native currently residing in New Orleans, is the Technical College Student Representative to the LCTCS Board of Supervisors. Following a few years working in the offshore environment, he decided to make a career change to a nontraditional path. Mr. Richardson is currently pursuing an associate degree in Process Technology at South Central Louisiana Technical College’s Reserve Campus. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from The University of New Orleans. He is an active member of the Prince Hall Masonic Order and volunteers at the Prince Hall District #1 Food Bank. He also volunteers in his home town of Donaldsonville. He wants to make a difference in the community, including his collegiate institution and those he represents as the SGA President of SCL Technical College.

To contact Mr. Richardson: 

Mr. Darell Richardson
265 S. Foster Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70806