LCTCS Partners with TuSimple to Explore Future Transportation Industry Needs

TuSimple Senior Director of External Affairs Robert Brown talking about autonomous trucks at demo day held at Baton Rouge Community College's Automotive campus

BATON ROUGE - Today, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) and TuSimple, global autonomous trucking company, hosted a demo day and informational expo around the future of trucking technology and how artificial intelligence in trucking will affect the needs of stakeholders across the state. 

Announced during the event, LCTCS will be working with TuSimple to offer a training course in artificial intelligence. This course will be added to existing career paths such as IT, Business, and CVO training. By adding advanced courses focused on new technology within the transportation industry, LCTCS will build specialized areas of study that complement the unique needs of the transportation industry in Louisiana. 

"Our community and technical colleges are responsible for meeting Louisiana's workforce needs," said LCTCS President Dr. Monty Sullivan. "One of the things that all of us recognize is the need for more CDL licensed drivers, but what we are also responsible for is looking over the horizon at new technology and how we can bring opportunities for places just like Baton Rouge Community College to convene that next-level technology." 

The event, hosted out of the McKay Automotive Training Center at Baton Rouge Community College's Ardendale campus, featured a live exhibit of one of TuSimple’s autonomous trucks and Q&A sessions around artificial intelligence and training, legislative agenda, and careers in automated trucking, giving leaders in higher education, transportation, and legislators a chance to see first hand how the increase of artificial intelligence will impact our education and training programs throughout the state.

Robert Brown, TuSimple's Senior Director of External Affairs was delighted to share his expertise in how artificial intelligence is shaping education and training programs. "I want to thank LCTCS for this opportunity, said Brown. "Organizations like LCTCS give us an opportunity to answer important questions from community stakeholders, and most importantly, establish partnerships to get the workforce ready for this type of technology."

TuSimple is interested in working with companies and the LCTCS training programs to further build upon their workforce and business needs. TuSimple will soon conduct routes in Louisiana, and they see value in interfacing with the educational, governmental, and business sectors throughout the state. This event will allow those relationships to begin and foster an open dialogue to address concerns about workforce and safety factors.  

Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr. was among the many interested stakeholders at the demo day. "I would like to thank TuSimple for partnering with LCTCS to bring the training necessary to repair autonomous vehicles to Louisiana," said Congressman Carter, Sr. "This will ensure that our students are prepared when these cutting edge job opportunities arise."