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retired policies


1.002 Delegation of Authority to Chancellors to Sign & Distribute Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates  (Combined with Policy 1.001)
1.008 Quality Point System (Combined with Policy 1.022)
1.009 International Study (Superseded by Policy 2.017)
1.010 Program Assessment Effectiveness (Combined with Policy 1.014)
1.012 Programmatic Accreditation (Combined with Policy 1.011)
1.013 Accreditation Visits (Combined with Policy 1.011)
1.015 Course Classification (Combined with Policy 1.007)
1.016 Cross Enrollment (Combined with Policy 1.017)
1.018 Academic Honors (Combined with Policy 1.022)
1.019 Academic Program
1.025 Articulation (Superseded by Policy 1.017)
1.029 Disclosure of Degree Program Transferability (Superseded by Policy 1.017)
1.034 Participatory Curriculum Development (Superseded by Policy 1.024)
1.036 Cross Enrollment Agreement Between System Institutions Inter-Institutional Cross-Enrollment Form (Superseded by Policy 1.017)
1.037 Awarding Degrees Posthumously (Superseded by Policy 1.001)
1.038 Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Academic Staff (Superseded by Policy 1.044)
1.041 Honorary Degrees (Superseded by Policy 1.001)
1.045 LCTCSOnline Initial Policy Statement (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)

WorkReady U

1.107 National Reporting System (NRS) Core and Secondary Measures (Superseded by Policies 1.108 and 1.111)
1.108 Core Measures Reporting Guidelines (Superseded by Policy 1.104)
1.109 Core Measures and Goal Setting (Deleted out of changes in NRS requirements)
1.110 Data Matching (Superseded by Policy 1.104)
1.111 Data Accuracy and Entry (Combined with Policy 1.106)
1.112 Data Reporting (Combined with Policy 1.114)
1.113 State Approved Adult Education Data System (Superseded by Policy 1.104)
1.114 Data Reporting and Analysis (Superseded by Policy 1.104)
1.115 Program Administration Guidelines (Combined with Policy 1.102)
1.116 Requirements for Students (Combined with Policy 1.102)
1.117 High School Equivalency Guidelines (Combined with Policy 1.105)
1.118 High School Equivalency Attainment (Combined with Policy 1.105)
1.119 High School Equivalency Retest Guidelines (Combined with Policy 1.105)
1.120 Issuance of High School Equivalency Diploma (Combined with Policy 1.105)
1.121 Adult Education and High School Equivalency Authority (Combined with Policy 1.102) 

Student Services

2.001 Military Selective Service Act for Admission (Retired 2/10/21)
2.002 Selective Service & Immunization Documentation (Retired 2/10/21)
2.006 Council of Student Body Presidents (COSBP) for Louisiana Community and Technical College Student Body Presidents (Combined with Policy 2.005)
2.009 Scholarships (Superseded by Finance Policy 5.025)
2.010 LCTCS Student Government Associations (Combined with Policy 2.005)
2.015 Campus Sexual Misconduct (Replaced by Policy 9.001 and Policy 9.002)


3.002 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities in Electronically-Supported Instruction (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.003 Memorandum of Agreement for e-Learning/Distance Learning (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.004 Minimum IT Standards for Campus Participation in e-Learning (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.005 Compressed Video and Proctor Training Requirements (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.007 Student Orientation (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.008 Guidelines and Stipulations for Offering General Education: Applied and Transferable (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.009 Responsibilities of Transmitting Institutions (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.010 Competencies for e-Learning Faculty in Lieu of 45 Training Hours (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.011 Scaffolds/Tiers for Access to Quality e-Learning Course Development (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.012 Coordinator Job Description (framework and contents) (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)
3.013 Guidelines for Quality Control Process (Superseded by eLearning Policy 3.001)


5.002 General Fund Allocation for LTC Campuses (Retired 12/09/2020)
5.004 Tuition Exemption for Employees at LCTCS Institutions (Superseded by Human Resources Policy #6.037)
5.005 Use of Professional Legal Services (Retired 12/09/2020)
5.006 Tuition and Fee Policy for LDCC (Retired 12/09/2020)
5.015 Administrative Cost Containment (Retired 12/09/2020)
5.016 LTC Budget Transfer Authority (Retired 12/09/2020)
5.022 Limitation on Solicitation of Students by Credit Card Issuers (Retired 12/09/2020)
5.023 Scholarships for the Louisiana Technical College Young Memorial Campus (Retired 12/09/2020)

Human Resources

6.001 Equal Application of Pay Plan (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.002 Professional Improvement Program (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.006 Removal of Salary Cap for LTC Adjunct Instructors (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.007 LTC 9-12 Month Faculty Contracts (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.012 Standard Evaluation Instruments (Consolidated with Policy 6.010)
6.017 Rescinding the LTC Teacher Certification Fees (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.020 LTC Reduction in Force Policy (Superseded by Policy 6.026)
6.029 Opportunity for Public Comment (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.031 Policy on Politial Activity (Consolidated with Policy 6.019)
6.033 Special Leave Policy Related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.034 LCTCS Force Majeure Exigency Policy for Modification and / or Discontinuation
            of Programs as a Result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.035 Incentivized Retirement of Tenured Faculty (Retired 12/09/2020)
6.038 Tuition Assistance for Full Time Employees (Consolidated with Policy 6.037)
6.039 Employee (Active or Retired), Child or Dependent, and Spouse Tuition Reduction (Consolidated with Policy 6.037)

Information Technology

7.001 Policy for the Purchase of New Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment for New and Expanded Campuses (Retired 12/09/2020)
7.003 Standarization of LCTCS Desktop Computers (Retired 12/09/2020)

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